ACT II: Digitize and Distribute

Having course materials available online is helpful for preparedness and for student accessibility. The step outlines a number of ways you can share various types of course materials with your students online.

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Create a Course in WebCT Vista or Connect

Put all your course materials in one convenient location and make the workspace available to your students online using WebCT Vista or Connect, using UBC’s supported Learning Management Systems. Post your course syllabus and class lectures to this workspace, upload audio and video examples, post urgent announcements in a dedicated area, and more. Designate your TAs or colleagues as collaborators to help you edit and manage the class space.

Take note that UBC is currently undergoing a migration process from WebCT Vista to Connect on the Blackboard Learn 9 platform. The process is expected to be completed by January 2014.

There are a number of ways to prepare your materials for an online course.  You can use Word files, Powerpoint presentations, PDF files or webpages.  Get in touch with the instructional support staff (ISS) in your faculty for information on how to prepare files.  Some faculties also make webspace available to instructors as a way to post course materials online. 

For more information and to request a course, contact your Speak local ISS.

If you do not have this support in your faculty, contact UBC IT at:

If you already a course, you can login at:

Share Course Materials with Your Students and TAs

Let your students know that you have made course materials available.  Go to ACT III: Communicate with Students for details.

Make Course Materials Available to Students via UBC Library.

Another way you can make course materials, such as readings or audio/video materials, available to your students is through the UBC Library’s Course Reserve service.

If you are planning to make course readings from the UBC Library available in your course, be sure to follow its copyright license.  Detailed information and resources can be found at


  1. e-Learning website – This site contains a variety of getting started and how to guides plus short videos to get you started.
  2. Connect Instructor Resources – Explore an array of guides on how to using Connect
  3. Register for the self-paced online WebCT Vista tutorial Orientation to Teaching Online for Faculty (at this link type Orientation to Teaching Online for Faculty in the Course or Workshop Title: box).
  4. Learning Management System Toolkit for ETEC565 on UBC Wiki – This page provides general information about the kinds of learning and teaching activities supported by a Learning Management System like WebCT Vista and Connect.
  5. Web Design & HTML Authoring Toolkit for ETEC565 on UBC Wiki – This page reviews HTML and web authoring and points to tutorials and software.

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